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Catering Series: Basic Questions to Ask

Continuing our catering series (previous post) with a few basic questions to ask potential caterers – – The Basics Do you have my date open? How many weddings do you do per year, and how long have you been in business? Have you done events at my location? TIP: If you haven’t chosen your location yet, ask…

Catering series: Tips – Planning The Right Food For The Event

It’s time for another series, remember our Seating Series from last fall (HERE, HERE and HERE) as well as our Bar Service Basics (HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE) well it is time for Catering! Today is about planning the right food for the event. Photography credit – Jen Pecka  Serve the right food for the right event. Want…

Bar Service Basics: Other Bar Topics to Consider

Daytime weddings, Sunday weddings, Weekday weddings – Generally, people will probably drink a little less at these weddings, so round down your numbers. Get one case less than the calculations say to.   Self-Serve Bars – If your bar is self-serve, be prepared for people to pour large servings. Ditto if your bartender isn’t a pro. Wine…

Bar Service Basics: Alcohol Calculator

WEDDING ALCOHOL CALCULATOR | As well as, some variations to consider. General rule of thumb: 4 glasses per bottle of wine; 18 shots per bottle of liquor; 165 glasses per keg For example, 100 guests 6 hours 600 servings – that is one serving per guest per hour. Modified Full Bar – 10 bottles of liquor, 120 bottles of…

Bar Service Basics: How to Stock Your Bar

STOCKING YOUR BAR – here’s where to start: Booze: Whiskey, gin, and vodkaOptional Booze: Rum and tequilaMixers: Juice (usually orange or cranberry), soda (at least a cola), tonic water, and club sodaGarnishes: Lemons and limes – possibly other fruit depending on the signature drinks?! Beer: Select at least two types of beer (one dark or strong, one light) to provide options….


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