20 Facts about Ashley

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For the past few years I have felt a longing to develop this blog into a space where current brides and potential brides can get to know me (Ashley) – and to be completely honest, I have yet to achieve this. I want readers to be able to get to know my personality, hear what we are working on and just feel welcome. It’s really important for me to develop a friendship with my reader’s, so stick with me while we embark on this journey!

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This year is my last year in my 20s.. ahh, so I’m revealing 20 facts about me!

1. I have an incredible little boy who calls me “mama”. He is my everything and is truly a miracle – I had a difficult pregnancy with him and a super traumatic experience before him. In 2010, I experienced an Ectopic Pregnancy that resulted in emergency surgery to save my life.

2. This goes closely with #1 but I try to live life to the fullest because I feel as though I have been given a second chance.

3. I thrive on creativity – style shoots, designs, details – it all really fires me up!

4. I am a complete book worm, when I sit down to read a book – I get engulfed and struggle to pull myself away.

5. I’m absolutely obsessed with the Food Truck revolution.

6. I’m an only child and my mom has been in the wedding industry for my entire life, she took me to work on school/summer breaks – I dove into the opportunity to learn what I could. This continued through highschool. In college, I worked for a hotel – I was able to learn more about the planning, set up and food processes that go into events. Once college was complete I began researching the wedding industry, two years later I took a leap of faith.

7. I’m originally from Upstate NY but spent half my life in Central Virginia.

8. I really enjoy decorating my home, diy projects and trying new recipes.

9. With that said, I bake way better than I cook..

10. I struggle with balance, doesn’t everyone? Life, work, living in the moment..

11. Dessert is my favorite food group, haha ( not that it’s a food group, it should be )!

12. I love traveling but have never been off the East Coast ( I have been to almost every state on the East Coast though ).

13. I tend to be a perfectionist.

14. C & A Event Planning has been a dream of my mom and myself – it’s such an amazing experience to be doing what we love.

15. I drink coffee daily, more iced than hot now a days.

16. I’ve been married and I’m now divorced – it doesn’t define me, I have grown so much from my experiences and feel strongly that marriage is a sacred union.

17. I want to inspire and educate others as much as I can – giving back is such an important part of who I am.

18. I had a cat as a child for 15 years, his name was Peanut – I now only have 3 goldfish.

19.I have a degree in Psychology with a concentration in childhood education.

20. I’m a believer in love – there is love out there for everyone. Love is an incredible feeling and aspect of life.


photo credit – Jen Pecka Photography