2019 Word of the Year

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Happy New Year! Do you set goals, resolutions or maybe a word of the year? I tend to set loose goals and choose a word of the year. Previously, I have chosen intentional and meaningful.

This year it didn’t seem like I was going to select a word – I sat and brainstormed but nothing felt right. Let’s not forget being on maternity leave, newborn life and the holidays thrown into that little time period. I gave myself grace to find a word. One that would be fitting to where my life is and would be heading this year. That’s when it came to me…

Heart. One’s innermost character, feelings, or inclinations (merriam-webster).

photographs Pinterest; Sharyn Frenkel Photography


Generally I lead with my heart in everything that I do and I want to be mindful of the things I take on in life, work, etc. I’m going to start my days with a grateful heart – take on projects that leave me fulfilled and be present in my days. Life is way to short to not love your every moment.


What is your word of the year? Do you set goals or resolutions?