A few of my favorite baby must haves!



As most of you know my littlest turned one last week and I failed to post any baby blogs. So here we are – here are just a few items that we used and loved.

  1. Mommore diaper bag
  2. Beckett Crib 3 in 1
  3. Rock and Play – before it got recalled – and as a second time mom let me preface that if used properly following the regulations I felt it was safe. *my personal opinion
  4. Mini pack and play
  5. Jo Jo Infant Sleeper and Lounger
  6. Tula baby carrier

These are just a few of the items that made our first year easier. We stopped using the rock and play around 4 months (when Liam started rolling) and the lounger we use periodically on the floor but for the most part that cycled out as well.

The tula and diaper bag have gone all over the country with us and we absolutely love them. This is not a sponsored post – even though I would love for that some day.