FAQs: Four Great Tools for your Wedding Checklist

Wedding Planning Tips


No matter how long you have to plan your wedding – you will be multitasking to the max.

Here are four great tools that will help:

1. Choose a method for reining in the madness. Using pen and paper to make lists is popular, because crossing stuff off is immediately gratifying. You can also set up reminders on your e-mail calendar. It’s your decision what method works best for you.

2. Work off a master log. Write down every task you have to get done in the next year. Pay special attention to what ┬áneeds to happen in the first month – including nailing down a site and a date.

3. Write a daily list of what needs to get done. It’s best to do tomorrow’s list at the end of each day.

4. Make tasks manageable and specific. Break down the biggies into doable steps. Don’t write, “Pick out wedding dress.” Instead: “Go through magazines and websites for style ideas.” Week two might include “Make appointments at two bridal shops.” [brides.com]