Ashley goes to Magnolia Market!

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Back in mid May I took a giant leap of faith – I booked a trip to Waco Texas with 3 strangers! I’m finally sitting down to put words and pictures to this blog post that has been drafted since we got back. It truly was the best decision ever to go on this trip but I’ve been having a difficult time putting my thoughts on post… It was super nerve wracking leading up to the trip and I’m an extreme worrier – almost to the point where I tried to talk myself out of going. I’m so glad I didn’t talk myself out of anything. I had the pleasure of getting to know Seneca (Photography by Seneca), Brit (Jam Marketing Group + Marketing In Yoga Pants) and Bridgett (Bridgett Lane Photography) – we started the trip as strangers but ended great friends!  I’m a HUGE fangirl for Fixer Upper and Magnolia Market so this was a major selling point on the trip – it wasn’t quite wedding season yet and I could still work remotely! My fiance and our families rallied together to make sure little man was taken care of – without all of their support it would not have been possible #momlife. Like I said before, I took a giant leap of faith and went for it. I will blog more about the overall trip soon but want to share solely about Magnolia Market today!

Magnolia Market was everything I hoped it would be. Chip and Joanna Gaines have truly created such a magical experience in the heart of Waco Texas. From the overall brand to the customer experience and the feel of the Silos.. ahh, it brought tears to my eyes to be walking through their dream. Every employee was amazing, they greeted us and truly welcomed us to Magnolia – from a small business owner stand point the customer experience was absolutely on point! If you don’t know Chip and Joanna’s story – read it – it’s worth it. They have worked so hard for everything they have and have never stopped dreaming. It certainly gives myself hope to be able to keep dreaming bigger and greater years to come.

Check out my experience at Magnolia Market  –

[pp_gallery id=”7103″]At the Silos they have quite a few foodtrucks daily and one that was featured on Fixer Upper was Vitek’s BBQ  – the pulled pork sandwich was amazing!

Chuck’s Gourmet Popcon was delicious too, little man approved the kettle corn! Yum!



If you happen to be a fan of Fixer Upper, great food / food trucks and amazing decor – go to Waco! You won’t regret it!