FAQs: How many actual invitations do I need?

Wedding Planning Tips


This is a frequent question that is asked by many people not just brides. If you are inviting 200 guests you more than likely do not need 200 invitations. The actual amount of invitations is probably closer to 100 or 120. However, everyone’s guest list is different. Getting your invitation count right can save you money which is super important.

Here are some tips when it comes to figuring out your real invitation count:

You cannot just add up your guests and divide them in half, that does not always work.

You need to how many households – at your cousin’s home, his/her spouse and their 4 kids that equals 6 people but only 1 invitation.

Make sure you add an invitation for your grandparents, your parents, siblings, bridal party and for yourself. Those are the people that will appreciate having a copy of your wedding invitation and will be very excited to receive it!

An extra 10 invitations is always a good idea for last minute additions and for your photographer, dj, etc.

Once you have done all of that, round up to the closest 25 because most invitation manufacturers only sell in multiples of 25. That is your real invitation count!

Please be advised, if you are addressing your envelopes yourself, you may want to order an additional 25 envelopes in the same color, etc of your order. You do not need more invitations – only extra envelopes because accidents happen when hand writing.