On December 31, I sat down with my paper planner and computer to map out blogging for the month of January. I’m pleased to say I have a plan laid out to blog 3 times a week. Blogging has been a goal, an item on the to do list and something that has just hung over me for a few years now. I know how instrumental blogging can be for a business like ours and for some reason I always second guessed my ability to share information someone might want to read. Then I said ENOUGH – I am enough, I can write great content and I am going to share with the world. So I hope that you will follow along on this journey and enjoy the ride!

For the first blog post of 2018 I am sharing bouquets we curated in 2017 – there were so many different textures, colors, blooms and we are obsessed with every one of them!

photographs by lawrence braun

Photo credit: Nicole Weeks Photography

Photograph by: Jovial Photography

Photo credit: Andrew Francoisa

Photo credit: Jen Pecka Photography

Photo credit: E Kishbaugh Photography

Photo credit: Pedro Bruno Fotos

photographs by lawrence braun

Photo credit: Seneca Ryan Co 

Photo credit: Korver Photography

 Photo credit: Kickstand Photography

Photo credit: Torrent Photography

Photo credit: Emily Elizabeth Studios

Photo credit: Tim West Photography

Photo credit: James Bass Photography

Photographs by: Jen Pecka Photography