Catering series: Tips – Planning The Right Food For The Event

Wedding Planning Tips


It’s time for another series, remember our Seating Series from last fall (HEREHERE and HERE) as well as our Bar Service Basics (HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE) well it is time for Catering! Today is about planning the right food for the event.

Photography credit – Jen Pecka 

Serve the right food for the right event.

Want a delicious, gourmet dinner to be the focus of the night? Opt for a formal, sit-down meal with multiple courses. Expecting music and dancing to be the main event? Choose a less formal (but still satisfying and tasty) dining style and menu, like passed appetizers and finger foods. Also, don’t serve food that needs a knife if the event is all standing and mingling.

Consider Dietary Restrictions, Allergies and Food Options

Whether you have gluten-free guests, people who don’t eat meat or someone with a peanut allergy, talk with your caterer about these exceptions well in advance to make sure there’s an option for everyone. If you are serving a seafood buffet, have an alternative for those who don’t like seafood.

Go Local and Seasonal

Your favorite summer tomato salad, for example, won’t be as juicy or flavorful in the winter, but pasta with a rich tomato sauce would make a fabulous alternative. Ask your caterer what ingredients will be the freshest on your wedding date, then craft your menu around those foods. Also, find the freshest options by going with regionally grown or raised choice—you have a better shot at finding ocean-fresh lobster in Maine than in Nebraska.