Fall is upon us and things are crazy. Heck, 2020, 2021 and 2022 were flat out hard and I want to help others go into 2023 with a fresh mindset and the spark to achieve more. 

Enter the CEO Self Retreat – entrepreneurship is lonely. When you’re building a business quite often your spouse or bestie can get burned out hearing about the challenges. The community I’m creating is going to serve as a listening ear to business challenges and provide actionable experienced recommendations pushing through challenges at all stages. 

Think of this retreat as self care of business ownership. I’m taking the 13 years of business ownership and 26 years in the wedding industry to give you the insight you need to accomplish all of your goals in 2023. 

Here’s your permission slip to focus inside your business for 2 jam packed days. If you stick to “what has always worked” when circumstances are DIFFERENT, it’ll likely not work as well. So you need to get comfortable with the idea of adjusting. Successful businesses adjust, they get flexible when they need to be. They stay true to who they are and what they are seeking to accomplish overall, yes. But they adjust the path to get there as the path gets bumpy or smoother or breaks apart. 

Don’t be afraid to try things out. Don’t be afraid to adjust when what you tried doesn’t work. 

And most importantly… don’t be afraid to ASK FOR HELP.