Day Tour – Thompson and Tunkhannock PA featuring Jen Pecka!

C & A Event Planning


I don’t even know where to begin, this blog post got lost in the interwebs somewhere and it needs to finally be shared.. well over a year since the adventure. Over breakfast and coffee Jen Pecka and I decided we were going to do a day tour of wedding venues as well as meet up with wedding pros just over the border in Pennsylvania. Little did we know how amazing it would be. Our tour was a cold dreary day but fun nonetheless. Jen came prepared with snacks and I had the itinerary!

I must preface that every time Jen and I have had the opportunity to work together there always is some animal involvement – our adventure day was nothing short of it. Before getting into our tour, we had to pull over along side the road in a rural part of Pennsylvania to try to rescue a wild animal that had it’s head stuck in a peanut butter jar.. we tried for quite awhile to help this poor animal but it continued to run away from us – luckily we could tell it was able to get air.. it was just scared. Poor guy!

On to the tour, the first stop was Fiddle Lake Farm – absolutely beautiful even in the not so pleasant weather.

scranton-ny-wedding-photographer-fiddle-lake-farms-chippy-white-table-2scranton-ny-wedding-photographer-fiddle-lake-farms-chippy-white-table-3 We truly fell in love with all of the history at Fiddle Lake – here at C & A we cannot wait to work at Fiddle Lake. Jen’s had the opportunity and gives all the heart eyes for sure.

Next on our tour was to meet the Chippy White Ladies, Stella and Julie! These are two ladies after our own hearts, so creative and welcoming! Not only do they have gorgeous rentals – they are a Mother-Daughter team! We’ve since had the pleasure of working with them several times and cannot wait to see them again soon!

Next stop was Endless Mountain Events – filled with amazing options – portable air conditioners and we loved their farmtables and benches! 10dbe4cc3e1f7a7c9b9b71ff3247b3dd


I feel like day tours are such an important aspect of who C & A is – we truly enjoy meeting new people – we connect with people, get to know them, learn about them. Relationships then can blossom. We are certainly looking forward to our next adventure!