Different Types of Virtual Assistants

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Different types of virtual assistants

While the term virtual assistant can cover a variety of services, here are some of the most common titles, and what they offer!

Creative Virtual Assistant: This is normally someone with a design background. This can include graphic design, PDF creation, website design, album design, etc.

Administrative Virtual Assistant: More admin focused — including Quickbooks, bookkeeping, data entry, lead workflow, appointment scheduling, database management. Some might offer travel and booking services, for you and your team.

Social Media Manager: This is someone who creates and schedules content for your social media channels — Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. This can include graphics, writing content, or engagement. The goal of a social media manager is to ensure growth, more engagement, and more sales.

Community Manager: If you have an online community for your business, this is someone who can hang out in there and answer questions, point people to the answers to their problems, etc. This can also include courses you might have created, or other education platforms you offer.

Keep in mind, many virtual assistants will cover multiple areas! Which means they might be an expert on creative tasks, social media, and community management.

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