Are you struggling to grow? To figure out where you are going? Whatever it may be…

I’ve got something for you. I’ve got the secret to leveling up in the industry. Setting yourself up for success while cutting the mistakes and crap that might slow you down. 

You see, I’m more than a wedding planner or floral designer — I’m a wedding industry expert. I’ve always jokingly put that out there but the truth is I AM. I’ve worked my tail off to be just that. I’ve taken the opportunity to be a sponge — soak up the knowledge, the expertise and literally anything about weddings that could help me along the way. I’ve been blogging since 2014, had work featured/been quoted in 32+ different locations and I’ve done hundreds of weddings. I’ve also grown my business in 3 extremely different markets. 

Now I want to help other wedding professionals become more - get more freedom and make more money. Want in? Let’s chat.

Seriously, I’m not blowing wind in your sails - I’m going to drop the tea and cut the crap along side you. Seeing others succeed is just as important as my own success. 


90 minute virtual one on one - in Zoom/Google Hangout to talk specifically about your business and get down to the nitty gritty topics/questions you can’t find answers to. Systems? Social Media? Client Experience? Pricing?

The call structure is an open Q+A. You can come with a list of questions I’ll answer or you can have a topic you want to discuss. Anything from backend systems, workflow, social media to booking your ideal client - I'm an open book!

2 hour virtual one on one - in Zoom/Google Hangout to dive into your business - what has worked, what hasn't, your offerings, pricing, packages, etc.

Before your call you will receive a questionnaire to help narrow down the chat to fit your specific needs. This online session will be customized to fit what you need to take the next steps in your business.
Following your call you will receive a detailed list of actionable items to execute within your business for growth and essentially more freedom.


Whether you are brand new or an established business. Let me guide you through having more presence, making more money, and gaining more freedom.

With my coaching opportunity it is an action based guarantee - this means if you complete the coaching as fully intended - attending the calls, working through the HW, take action where directed, utilizing more assistance as needed, and still somehow do not sign a client by the end of your time -- I will coach you until you do. That's a promise.

Just need a few tweaks in specific areas of your business? Need to outsource some of the items you don’t love doing on your to do list? I can be hired for virtual assisting (but even better) -- it's creative consulting on a month basis with 5 hours a week. During the 5 hours I will handle the plug and play aspects of coaching to get you even more bang for your buck. Hours and pricing per month can be tailored to fit your business needs.

Are you ready to get where you are going sooner rather than later? Let's get started now! 

Are you a photographer or vendor looking to level up your content but don't even know where to begin? We've got you covered! C & A Event Planning offers content styling to photographers who are looking to capture content that is customly curated!

Content styling includes planning + design services for styled shoots, content days and workshops. 

Content Styling