Final run down on 2015 goals!

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So it’s December 2nd, we are quickly approaching 2016 and it has been heavy on my mind to write down goals and dreams for the new year. 2015 has been busy, we may not have achieved all of our goals but we had an incredible year – it has been a year of growth and creativity.


Let’s take a moment and look back on the goals I set early 2015…


1. Plan & design a minimum of 4 style shoots. 1 completed in June; I have two others that are in the works but timing is TBD.

2. Book 10 more weddings (planning and coordination)/floral design. We are just about 50% booked for 2016 with one weekend completely closed (August 27). 

3. Run a half marathon. I’m not a runner at all but it is something I have always wanted to  do. I need to get on this! I’ve been running (very little – if I’m completely honest) but nothing compared to 13 miles…

4. Begin booking 2016 Brides. We are actively booking couple’s for next year! 

5. Host 2 workshops. Details to come! I’ve placed a hold on this. 

6. Finish paying off credit card & student loan. So close! Done and done!

7. Have 4 features in 2015. We have had a photo shared by Huffington Weddings as well as Wedding Chicks of our work – the year is not out! 

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 2.03.56 PMScreen Shot 2015-12-02 at 2.02.51 PM

8. Continue networking with wedding industry folks – get to know others in our surrounding areas. Have steadily worked on this throughout the year and will continue into 2016!

9. Take weekend trips to explore NY and what it has to offer. Maybe even VT, PA, and MA too. Traveled to Long Island with my little man back in June – I need to work on this!!

10. Attend a food truck festival. Didn’t happen this year.. 

11. Establish a more authentic and raw blog. Working on this!

12. Travel somewhere besides the east coast. Haven’t yet.. 

13. Lose 20 pounds and become more dedicated to an active lifestyle. We are active but we also get caught up in life too. Have lost 10..

14. Plan and coordinate a destination wedding – we’ve done several weddings that clients have considered to be destination but I want to plan one in a state besides NY and VA. Any takers? Still waiting 🙂 

15. Enjoy as much time and adventure with my little man as I can. This past summer we may have stayed close to home but we’ve been enjoying lots of time outside, near water and exploring what life has to offer!