FAQs: First Sight/Looks

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The few advantages – easing of the nerves, makeup and hair are perfect, and pictures will not take as much time after ceremony.

Katelyn James and Korie Lynn are two talented photographers that I asked to help me with this post. Both of them have previously covered this same topic on their blogs and I believe it will be super helpful to all brides!

Let’s see what they have to say:

Korie Lynn said, “So all I have to say about first sights are….THEY ARE THE BEST!! Especially for brides who are doing evening weddings who won’t be able to get good natural light after the ceremony. I’ve heard of several brides who regret not doing one because they didn’t get the photos they hoped for from their wedding day. It’s all about planning and good timing. And fabulous lighting 🙂 If great photos are important to the couple, then a first sight is key!
There are tons of benefits to doing a first sight beyond having great photos.
1) It’s a big stress reliever once the bride and groom get to see each other.
2) No more playing hide and seek with the groom. That alone makes everyone involved less stressed.
3) All family photos and bridal party photos can be done before the ceremony! So when the couple says “I do,” it’s party time! Forget missing your cocktail hour! Go enjoy your wedding! Grooms especially like this one :)”
First sights/looks are breathtaking and intimate. Take a look at Korie Lynn and Katelyn James‘ blogs to see for yourself.
Thank you ladies for your helpful tips! It seems after talking to several photographer friends – first sight/looks are the way to go, so many advantages! Don’t worry your groom will still get emotional when you walk  down the aisle!