It’s unbelievable how amazing this trip to Waco has been – the conversations, the experience, the inspiration.. For months, I have struggled with writing a goal list – I always set some kind of goal for the year whether it’s for business or personal or both. But this year it’s been a struggle train to put it together.

Last years goals and recap –

2016 goals –
25 Weddings in 2016; we have quite the line up already but have a few spots open – Begin booking 2017
We ended up with 24 weddings and a rehearsal dinner! 2017 is shaping up to be even busier with only select dates available and 2018 is booking!!
3 Styleshoots – build relationships/community, inspire and educate
Beloved Citrus, Decadent Love, and we have one planned for early 2017. Beloved Citrus has been published on Westchester Wedding Planner and Baubles & Bowties. Decadent Love is scheduled to appear on Fab You Bliss.
Travel off of the East Coast & Schedule trips/family time
We have traveled some – Lake George, Pennsylvania, Rochester, Seventh Lake – – a trip to FL coming soon and many more adventures in 2017 & 2018 that we are excited about!
Book a Destination Wedding – Any takers? 
We did not book a destination wedding but we did have the opportunity to work at a variety of new venues this year which is exciting nonetheless and next year will be filled with that as well.
Lose 15 pounds – I want to get healthy for me; this is probably the most typical New Years Resolution but I’m quickly approaching 30 and I want to go into my 30s as healthy as I can. 
Officially in my 30s and loving it. I’m about 7 pounds from my goal and walking 2-4 miles a day despite the cold weather. 
Blog authentically, blog about personal experiences but also blog about educational tidbits that I have learned along the way. Give myself a voice through my blog!
Working on this, I’d like to refer to it as a work in progress. There are major things happening behind the scenes and I cannot wait to share more with you all. 

Yesterday morning after drafting this blog post, I sat with the girls and discussed goals – dreams – life in general. I expressed what my heart has been telling me to set as a goal or life motto for that matter.

For 2017 goals – I want this year ultimately to be more intentional – I want to be more present and efficient with my time. 

It’s not about quantity this year or specific set goals – it’s about being truly present and intentional with life itself. Doing things that feel right in my heart.


Just the past two days have knocked numerous things off my bucket list –

I’ve made it off the east coast y’all!

I’ve toured Magnolia Market – huge fangirl right here!

Styled a inspiration shoot at Magnolia Market – what?!

Traveled with strangers who were definitely meant to be in my life.


I cannot wait to see what the next two days involve. Stay tuned!