Is blogging important for your wedding business?

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I have been blogging since the beginning of my journey as a wedding planner – I have blogged well over 300 blog posts at this point. Some posts I have chosen to remove, update and make more relevant as time goes on.

Blogging is so important, especially for wedding photographers and planners. I mean, how else will a client know your work at a real wedding or a styled shoot? Posting a few images on social media is great, but a blog post can share the complete day. This will give your client more details on what you offer or your style.

While my blogging journey has not always been consistent it does lend a hand to my portfolio — it showcases so many gorgeous details, helpful tips, and so much more for anyone that finds me.

The options for blogging are endless — Tell the story of the day, what the couple envisioned, and the amazing vendors who made it happen.

Blogging is so time-consuming, and most people hate to do it.┬áThis is why I haven’t always been consistent but one thing that helps me is to batch my blogging or write out a content calendar.

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