photo credit via [ Pinterest ]

Yay, it’s finally relaunch day!! We are officially back! We’ve been busy making changes and updates to our website as well as big BIG goals for the coming year.

So much changed for us in 2013, we made a huge transition – we moved from Virginia to rural Central New York.

But big things are coming in 2014, are you ready for a few?

  • Obviously we are basing ourselves in New York but would love to travel!
  • Cathy is now full time with C & A – let’s give her a big “WOOT WOOT”
  • Ashley will be blogging regularly, like planning and scheduling posts – it’s going to happen y’all! (Previous blog posts have diminished, I struggled for a long time setting the ton and developing the blog into what I truly wanted it to be… so now I’m taking charge of it and can’t wait to ride the wave y’all!)

These are just a few of the big changes coming your way, we are so excited to be back and so very excited for the future! SO grab a cup of coffee, something sweet and take a look around!