Resolutions and Goals

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We might be half way through January but we are still at the beginning of 2014! I have always been a goal setter, not so much a resolution setter though.


Personal Goals:

Pay off debt – we also want to build our savings and IRAs! This year is about living very conservatively!

Simplify our life – clear the clutter, organize and enjoy every moment!

Read more – I love to read, today during nap time I made quite the list of must reads for this year and cannot wait to get to the library this week to hopefully get a few of them.

Take a family vacation – hopefully Disney & the beach! – We are hoping to get away next fall before snow starts falling again in Central NY!


Business Goals:

Continue connecting with NY wedding pros – we had such a great base of contacts in Virginia that grew into friends that we hope we can do the same in NY!

Blog regularly – working on it 🙂

Continue booking for 2014 and 2015! Have you recently got engaged? Send us a quick hello!

We have a few others goals that we aren’t quite ready to announce but will in the future!