What is a content day?

C & A Event Planning, Content Styling


What is a content day? Content days are a strategic form of photography focused on creating relevant and consistent visual content for brand storytelling.

Content days have also been referred to as style shoots.

A styled photoshoot is a photo session (sometimes involving also videography) put together by a wedding professional that joins forces with like minded individuals to create specific new content and refresh their portfolio. A styled photo shoot obviously has a specific mood or vision.

I’ve been producing style shoots/content days since 2010 — what?! Seems like just yesterday but also makes me sound old. Haha.

I’ve participated in several different degrees of style shoots/content days. I’ve handled every single detail, I’ve provided florals, I’ve provided table scapes, I’ve helped style the models, etc — there are so many ways to let it unfold. Ultimately I love handling all the details and hand picking the right wedding professionals to involve to articulate my vision correctly. I don’t wing these types of events – I plan, I visualize and I tell a story. I also handle the set up (I’ll do any heavy lifting along side you. I don’t hand it off to someone to do the nitty gritty) — I’m type A – I can’t help it…

Here are some behind the scenes of my Glass Cabin shoot back in March provided by Nicole Weeks Photography.