What is a Virtual Assistant?

Small Business Owner


A virtual assistant is a self-employed worker, usually remote, who offers various services to clients. They provide their own benefits, computer, health insurance etc – this does not imply they are temporary. They could simply be project based or year round.

This can also include social media managers, Pinterest managers, bloggers, online business managers, image editors and other freelancers. A virtual assistant most likely will have a specialty, something they are really awesome at – blogging, content creation, email marketing, Tailwind/Pinterest, system management, etc.

By hiring a VA, you are only charged for the time and projects worked. When I take lunch, you don’t pay me.

Most virtual assistants have an hourly rate, as well as packages. Most will have hourly packages or retainers, meaning you can hire them for 10 hours a month, or maybe 10 hours a week. Keep in mind that most virtual assistants will have a minimum requirement of 10 hours per month. This is to ensure that they are learning your company, and can offer you the best service.

There isn’t a one size fits all when it comes to what virtual assistants offer. Which is why it is so important to really look at your business and see what exactly needs to be outsourced before finding your virtual assistant. You might need to hire someone with multiple team members, or maybe a few virtual assistants if there are specific tasks. For example, you might need someone who specializes in social media and another who does accounting and Quickbooks, since those are two very tasks.

By outsourcing to a virtual assistant, you are allowing yourself to free up your time and energy, and put that back into your business, or your personal life. So the #1 job as a virtual assistant is to help you get your work crossed off your to-do list.

photograph by Laura Harris Photography