I am a self proclaimed wedding guru based in Greenville, South Carolina (willing to travel anywhere in the United States). I grew up in the wedding and event industry. As an only child I went to work with my mom and got to experience the incredible rush of weddings, now it’s in my veins and it is my passion! As a wedding planner and floral designer I have an eye for design and attention to detail -- it's just in my Type A veins. I’m a wife, daughter, friend and I’m a mama to 3 incredible boys. I’m a firm believer in loving big, making memories and savoring moments.

Let's get real, I cry at every wedding - it's true. My favorite moments are when the bride sees her parents for the first time and when she sees her groom, whew – I’m getting teary eyed just thinking about it. And now that I'm a mom, the mother-son dance gets me.


I'm Ashley!

Our calendar fills very quickly, and all dates are reserved on a first-come, first-booked basis.


Take a deeper look at real weddings we've had the honor of bringing to fruition. 


C & A Event Planning specializes in wedding planning, content creation, and floral design. 



Running a business at home can sometimes be lonely. I'm here to serve as a listening ear to any challenges you may be having and to lend actionable + experienced recommendations.

You see, I’m more than a wedding planner or floral designer — I’m a wedding industry expert. I’ve always jokingly put that out there but the truth is I am. I’ve worked my tail off to be just that. I’ve also grown my business in 3 extremely different markets. Now I want to help other wedding professionals become more - get more freedom and make more money. Want in? Let’s chat. Seriously, I’m not blowing wind in your sails - I’m going to drop the tea and cut the crap along side you. Seeing others succeed is just as important as my own success.  

 Education, Coaching + Integration

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You're in the nitty gritty of entrepreneur land -- it's lonely and can be a lot to handle. Overwhelmed? Too many tabs open? You might need an integrator. 

What is an integrator? 
Think of working with me an INTEGRATOR as Coaching on steroids. I will not just provide insight on direction of your business -- I will get to help you implement it as well!

Coaching + Integrating

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