10 Tips for a Great Wedding Menu

Wedding Planning Tips


1  Serve the foods you love.

2  Balance cocktail food – offer a variety of meat, fish, and vegetarian options, plus comfort foods people crave – like mini mac-and-cheese.

3  Be daring, while your goal is to create a menu your guests will enjoy, it’s your wedding. So if you feel like being nontraditional (e.g. Latin food stations instead of a seated meal), go for it!

4  Consider the time of day at which the meal will be served – avoid heavy sauces and meats at lunchtime, for example.

5  Have a do-not-serve list. You hate asparagus or shrimp? Nix it, pronto!

6  Be realistic. If you have a large head count, the menu needs to be fairly simple. Cheese souffle for 157? Only if your guests don’t mind waiting. And waiting…

7  Ask about the caterer’s signature dish – original and the caterer’s best.

8  Go local and seasonal. Make menu choices based on the freshest ingredients available in the area where you’re marrying.

9  Don’t worry about repeating an ingredient in the entrée that was featured in an hors d’oeuvre.

10  Be honest. You don’t like the caterer’s suggestions? Tell him/her what you want instead. [bridesmag.com]


0273_g_h_print photo credit – Meghan McSweeney Photography from Abby & Michael’s Wedding