2 Misconceptions about Wedding Greenery

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2 big misconceptions when it comes to greenery!

1. Greenery ≠ Cheaper:

One of the biggest misconceptions about using greenery in wedding decor is the assumption that it’s always a budget-friendly option. While greenery can indeed be cost-effective in some cases, it’s not always cheaper than using traditional flowers. The cost of greenery varies depending on factors such as the variety, availability, and time of year. Some types of greenery may be more expensive due to their rarity or seasonal fluctuations in pricing.

Additionally, while greenery can create lush and voluminous arrangements, achieving a full and impactful look often requires using a significant amount of foliage. This means that the cost of greenery can quickly add up, especially if you’re aiming for abundant arrangements or installations. It’s essential to discuss your budget and preferences with your florist to determine the most cost-effective options that align with your vision for your wedding decor.

photographs by lawrence braun

2. Garlands are Not Always Cheaper Centerpieces:

Another common misconception is that greenery garlands are inherently cheaper than floral centerpieces. While garlands can add a beautiful and natural touch to your tablescape, they may not always be the most budget-friendly option. Garlands require a substantial amount of greenery to achieve a full and lush look, which can drive up the overall cost, especially if you’re using premium foliage varieties.

However, there are alternatives to traditional garlands that can help you achieve a similar aesthetic without breaking the bank. Consider opting for thinner garlands or incorporating additional elements such as candles or votives to complement the greenery. This allows you to create a visually stunning centerpiece while reducing the amount of foliage needed. Work closely with your florist or wedding planner to explore creative solutions that fit within your budget without compromising on style or elegance.

Photography: RachelLizPhotography