Bar Service Basics: Alcohol Calculator

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WEDDING ALCOHOL CALCULATOR | As well as, some variations to consider.

General rule of thumb: 4 glasses per bottle of wine; 18 shots per bottle of liquor; 165 glasses per keg
For example, 100 guests 6 hours 600 servings – that is one serving per guest per hour.
Modified Full Bar – 10 bottles of liquor, 120 bottles of beer* & 75 bottles of wine*
Beer & Wine Only – 112 bottles of wine* & 150 bottles of beer or a keg!
*when buying in bulk, buy cases!

These ratios are a starting point, and won’t work for every group gathering – adjust according to your crowd. At the end of the day, you know best what your loved ones expect and what you care about.

 Photography credit: Nicole Weeks Photography