Bar Service Series: Essential Questions to Ask About Your Drinks

Wedding Planning Tips


Welcome back to our Bar Service Series! Today, we’re diving into the crucial questions you need to ask about your bar service to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for you and your guests. Here are some key inquiries to consider:

  1. Beverage Provision and Specialty Cocktails:
    • Do you provide alcoholic beverages and experienced bartenders?
    • Can the bar service accommodate specialty cocktails or personalized drink options?
  2. Alcohol Selection:
    • What brands of alcohol will be served at the bar?
  3. Alcohol Procurement Options:
    • Can we supply the alcohol, and you provide the bartending service?
    • If we bring our own wine or champagne, is there a corkage fee?
  4. Pricing Structure:
    • How do you charge for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages: per consumption or per person?
    • Which pricing method is more cost-effective for our event?
  5. Champagne Toast:
    • Is the champagne toast included in the meal packages, or is it an additional cost?
  6. Wine Service:
    • Will your staff serve wine during the dinner service?
  7. Duration of Service:
    • How long will alcohol be served during the event?
  8. Coffee and Tea Service:
    • Is coffee and tea service included in the per-person meal charge?
    • What brands of coffee and tea are offered, and are there decaf and herbal tea options available?

By asking these questions, you’ll ensure that your bar service aligns with your preferences and budget while providing a memorable drinking experience for you and your guests.

photograph by Nicole Weeks Photography