welcome to the business side of things!

I'm Ashley, a Wedding Guru from Upstate New York, serving both brides and wedding venue owners to bring their dreamy visions to life. I work with wedding business owners as their Expert Business Consultant and with newly engaged couples as their Planner and Floral Designer. My clients are entrusting in my creativity as well as my knowledge of the wedding industry and I feel honored and rejuvenated just to get to work with them!

Consulting Packages: Geared toward wedding industry small businesses.

Offering packages for 3 - 6 months (start ups are 6+ months, new-established are 3+ months)

Start Ups

  • Brand Development
  • Wedding Sales Program + Operations Development
  • Event Space Functionality + Renovation Advisement
  • Private Estate Consulting
  • Preferred Vendor Programs 

Venue clients will also receive a report detailing:
Your local demographic
Your target market (both historical and recommended going ahead)
Competitor analysis
Refurbishment recommendations
Revenue forecasts
Key points to the success of the property

New – Established Businesses

Just need a few tweaks in specific areas of your business? Pick and choose the topics you want to polish, then contact us to schedule our next available appointment. 

  • Portfolio Editing: Seeing your work objectively can be one of the hardest tasks you have as a wedding professional. As curators of the best wedding photography in the world we can help you create a portfolio that sells itself, and gets you noticed by clients, editors, and other professionals in the wedding industry.
  • Brand Cohesion: Ready to take a serious look at how you’re presenting yourself from every angle? We’ll discuss your visual brand identity, business model, pricing and packages, social media and editorial strategies, marketing materials, sales process and communication. Are they all working together to help you reach your goals? Let’s get them there!

Virtual One on One Session; $200

Not ready to commit to 3 or 6 months of consulting but need a push?  This is for you.

60 minute virtual one on one - in Skype to talk specifically about your business and get down to the nitty gritty topics/questions you can’t find answers to.

Systems?  Social Media?  Client Experience?  Pricing?

This online session is customized to fit what you need and it’s recorded so you can re-watch at any point.