Creative ways to have pizza at your wedding!

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This may or may not sound dramatic but I miss NY pizza.. it is the one thing that we consistently miss besides family. So shall I make your mouth water with some creative ways on incorporating pizza into your wedding day?

Let’s go –

While Getting Ready With Your Bridesmaids

It’s going to be a long day, so you and your girls will need some cheesy sustenance. Have a few pizzas delivered to your bridal suite so you can chow down while getting ready for the ceremony.

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Passed Appetizers

Who says you need to have trays of fancy hors d’oeuvres during cocktail hour? Instead of formal finger food, offer different kinds of pizza squares as an appetizer option.

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Pizza just seems like the right decision doesn’t it?

Late-Night Snack

As the party goes on and guests sweat off some calories on the dance floor, offer a late-night snack of pizza slices. Either order in from your favorite local pizza place or coordinate with the venue to have them bring out some pies at midnight.

To Go

Give them something they can munch on during their commute home or back in their hotel rooms. Fill up to-go boxes with mini slices or squares of pizza and have the venue keep them warm until the night ends.

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