Haley + Kenny are married! Elopement + Reception

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I remember when Haley reached out, she figured we were completely booked up for October 2022. But we weren’t, we were available. They had known each other since high school, dated off/on in college. From Greenville and both moved away to different cities, found themselves together and back in Greenville for Kenny’s brewery business about 4 years ago.

Haley and Kenny planned to elope in Asheville in the mountains and celebrate back at Kenny’s brewery, Southernside Brewery.

Not only did we get the opportunity to work with Haley on the bouquet and boutonniere for their elopement but we also got to take part in their celebration day.

Haley and Kenny’s elopement photos are absolutely breathtaking. Eloping in the mountains is always a good idea. We had the pleasure of providing a bouquet and boutonniere for their wedding day. We even had the opportunity to participate in what we call part 2 — their reception celebration.

If you want an alternative option to having a big wedding – take a note from Haley + Kenny.

You can either elope or have a small intimate wedding with close family only.

You can choose to elope out of state, in your state, at a cute airbnb that’s totally your style or in your own backyard!

If you like the mountains like Haley + Kenny, a mountain elopement is a romantic and adventurous way for a couple to exchange vows surrounded by the stunning beauty of nature. Whether you’re envisioning a ceremony at a high-altitude peak, beside a cascading waterfall, or within a dense forest, a mountain elopement allows for a more intimate and personalized experience. Make sure you research different mountain locations that hold personal significance or offer breathtaking views.

Discuss this with your fiance to make sure you’re on the same page.

You have to go for it! Don’t let judgement from family members stop you from ditching the big wedding. There are ways to include family and friends in your elopement (in fact I have a blog post about it already).

Images captured by Sparks in the Forest.

Here are some ideas and tips for planning a memorable mountain elopement:

Seasonal Considerations: Think about the time of year for your mountain elopement. Spring and summer offer lush greenery, while fall brings vibrant foliage. Winter can provide a magical snowy backdrop.

Elopement Attire: Opt for attire that suits the mountain environment. Comfortable and practical footwear is essential, especially if you plan to hike to your chosen location. Consider layers for changing weather conditions.

Adventure Elopement Photographer: Hire a photographer experienced in capturing outdoor and adventure elopements. They can help you find the best spots, capture candid moments, and make the most of the natural lighting.

Like I mentioned earlier – they hosted a fun celebration a few short weeks after their elopement. And got to wear their wedding day apparel again! WIN! Now onto their celebration —

Their celebration took place at Southernside Brewing Co and Wax + Whale Collective captured their part 2! Southernside Brewing Co is located in the Southernside Neighborhood in Downtown Greenville, SC and set along the Swamp Rabbit Trail.

Following an elopement, whether it’s an intimate ceremony or a more adventurous celebration in a unique location, you may want to commemorate your union with a special post-elopement celebration. Choose a celebration that aligns with your preferences and reflects the unique aspects of your relationship. Whether it’s a quiet evening for two or a small gathering with loved ones, the post-elopement celebration is an opportunity to cherish the beginning of your married life together.

Images captured by Wax + Whale Collective