How to do a Food Truck Wedding!

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Street food has been enjoying a massive surge within the wedding industry over the past few years. These trucks might be more used to feeding festivals and farmers’ markets, but they also add such an amazing flare to a wedding day. Food trucks can be a quirky, memorable and an often budget-friendly way to feed your guests at a laid back wedding.

What could be a more personal touch to the food at your wedding, than having it supplied from your favorite local Friday night food truck?

First, consider the season.

depending on your location, consider hiring a food truck for a fall or spring wedding when the weather’s milder. That’s not to say your summer wedding absolutely can’t have a food truck. Just be mindful.

Next, consider what you want out of the truck – – –

The best place to start deciding whether a food truck wedding is going to be the right option for you is by knowing what kind of catering you want. 

Think about the aesthetics. 

Food trucks come in all different colors and styles, so as much as you are considering the options for the menu itself, also think about how you want it to look!

Types of food trucks –

  • Mobile Bar: specialty trucks; i.e. Prosecco Truck, coffee – – or trucks that do the whole shabang
  • Dessert: Not into cake? Not a problem. Go with an end-of-night ice cream sandwich, popsicle cart, or donut truck instead. “This gives guests the food truck vibe, but there’s no rush or [worry about] a time constraint,” says Shane.
  • Late-Night Snack: (PSA: pizza, tater tots, or tacos, your guests will be grateful for carbs to sop up the booze.

Do the math.

Food trucks can feed a large crowd quickly, which is why you’ll see them at big festivals and fairs, but it will still take time for all of your guests to get through the food line. Plan on at least one food truck for every 75 guests, so you don’t keep your loved ones hungry and waiting.

Spice up the menu.

Have a menu of different options if food trucks are catering; don’t keep it to just one. Be it a main meal, appetizers or desserts, food trucks are a good option for any wedding or formal event.

Cocktail hour alternative.

A really nice time to set your day apart, spark the vibe for the rest of the day, and really wow your guests with thoughtful or personal touches.

Or keep the party going.

Not sure you want to sacrifice the traditional reception dinner catering for some food trucks? There are plenty of other ways to get a wedding food truck into your day.

Be sure to plan ahead.

If you’re trying to book a popular truck, you probably want to give yourself some time. Food truck weddings are becoming immensely popular, so most of the really tasty trucks will book up early.

photograph Seneca Ryan Co

A few questions to ask —

Do I need a permit to host a food truck at my event? 

Special event, parking, and fire code permit requirements vary by city and county. If you’re not working with a food truck with event experience, you’ll want to check with your local municipality.

For events on private property, you generally won’t need a permit.

What do I need to consider when it comes to parking the food truck? 

If the main meal at your event will be served from a food truck, you’ll need a space that’s large enough to accommodate the truck but isn’t too far away from your guests’ tables. (It’s never a good idea to have wedding attendees trek away from the main party space to grab their food.) You’ll also need to think about venue accessibility.

What do I do if it rains? 

A contingency plan is necessary for any event with an outdoor element. Talk with your food truck vendor in advance about adjustments that could be made in case of bad weather: They can prepare the food in the truck, then serve it in a more traditional buffet or plated fashion.