How to Host a Zoom Wedding – Part 3 – Let’s Make it Happen

Wedding Planning Tips


Set up streaming platform account | Facebook – YouTube – Zoom

Facebook – You can create a private Facebook group and invite all the guests that you would like to watch your stream. When you go live, you can select to only stream to the group. Keep in mind that Facebook has a 90min time limit, so be prepared to restart your stream if you plan on going live for longer.

YouTube – This platform requires a bit more work to set up, as you have to “Verify” your account in order to get access to live streaming. You may also be restricted to using a laptop to stream, as mobile streaming is only allowed for accounts with over 1,000 subscribers. Once set up, you can schedule a private stream and share your link with your virtual attendees!

Zoom – Zoom is our preferred streaming service, as it gives the most adjust-ability over privacy and guest interaction. While not technically a “streaming” service, you can set up a meeting and invite your guests to join using a Meeting ID (Password is optional).

Test your internet connection | do a test stream

During your venue walkthrough or rehearsal, perform internet speed tests using the venue WiFi, cell data, hotspot, etc. You’ll want to have an Upload Speed of at least 3Mbps, but go with whichever method provides the fastest speed. Afterwards, test it out!

Decide where to set up | listening capabilities

Phones and laptops don’t have the best internal mics, so placing your live stream setup as close to the action is the best way for your viewers to hear your amazing vows. Using external mics, you can improve the quality and reach of your audio feed.

Prepare your helper | start your stream early

Having a helper that knows their way around the live streaming interface can take a big weight off of your shoulders. For instance, if your helper knows how to “Pin” a video on Zoom, you can prevent any of your guests’ video feeds from showing up on everyone’s screen if they make a sound. Your helper can also move the camera around in case you move out of frame.

Even if your test went off without a hitch, problems can still occur on the day of your wedding. Starting the stream 10-15min early to address any issues can help make sure your virtual guests can enjoy the processional! Also, it allows guests to join the stream a little early.

photograph Stories by Victoria