How to Plan the Perfect Post-Elopement Party: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Elopements have been gaining popularity amongst couples. While elopements can be intimate and amazing, some couples worry about not including family and friends on their special day.

What is a Post Elopement Party and Why You Should Have One

If you both want to plan a romantic elopement and focus on each other, then go for it! A post elopement party is a great way to include your loved ones after you both say your I dos. 

Having a post elopement celebration is also a great idea if you both decide to elope internationally, or if your elopement location was not easily accessible for your immediate family.

But how do you plan it? An elopement reception is less stressful to plan than a wedding reception. You don’t need to worry about the technicalities and requirements of a traditional wedding reception.

A post elopement party can actually be as simple or complex as you would like. This is also a great opportunity to announce your elopement to others, and share your amazing photos with them.

How to Plan a Post Elopement Celebration

So, you’ve eloped and tied the knot in an intimate ceremony that was just perfect for you and your partner. Now, it’s time to celebrate your union with your loved ones through a post-elopement party! Planning such a gathering can be exciting, and we’re here to guide you through the process step by step.

Our biggest advice here is to be completely honest on your invitation announcing your elopement together. 

Consider using these phrases in your party invitation wording:

  • We got Hitched! Now it’s Time to Party!
  • Nothing Fancy, Just Love.
  • We Eloped!
  • We Tied the Knot!
  • It’s an After the Wedding Celebration.
  • We Just Couldn’t Wait!

Another great idea is to include a small message on where you eloped, when, and why.

While some loved ones may be upset, make it clear that you both are hosting this event to celebrate your marriage together. We also recommend telling your immediate family before you elope if you’re still worried.

When planning your elopement reception, think about what you would like to do, where you would like to celebrate, and when.

We recommend planning this reception relatively soon after your elopement. Another tip is to team up with your elopement photographer and videographer to discuss possibly having some of your photos ready for your reception.

Post Elopement Reception Ideas

We have seen so many couples plan a post elopement party with their family and friends. The limit literally does not exist on the ideas you can incorporate for your celebration. Just like elopements, post elopement parties have no rules either. 

We wanted to share some of our favorite ideas to help you get started:

Incorporate Your Favorite Wedding Traditions

Some couples hesitate to plan an elopement because they fear missing out on some of the traditions they love.

Planning a post elopement party can still give you the opportunity to incorporate wedding traditions such as your first dance, dances with anyone significant in your family, or even a garter toss if you really want to get crazy!

The reason why we love this idea is that it allows your guests to feel included in some of the traditions they would have loved to be a part of.

Show Your Elopement Photos on a Projector

If you’re sold on having a fun elopement party, then consider mentioning this to your photographer and videographer before your elopement day.

A great way to celebrate together is showcasing a clip of your actual elopement ceremony, and even showing them some photos from your adventurous day.

We want to stress how important it is to talk to your elopement vendors about this idea. While most, if not all, would be super ok with providing a couple of photos in advance, you would still need to let them know beforehand.

Don’t Forget the Little Details

Pay attention to the little details that will make your post-elopement party memorable for you and your guests. Arrange for transportation if needed, have a backup plan for inclement weather if your party is outdoors, and designate someone to take care of any last-minute tasks or emergencies.

Plan Entertainment and Activities

Keep your guests entertained throughout the party with music, games, or other activities. Hire a DJ or live band to provide music and dancing, or create a playlist of your favorite songs to play in the background. You could also set up a photo booth with props for some fun photo opportunities.

Rent a Cool Airbnb to Have a Homemade Meal After Your Elopement

If you’re having an intimate elopement, but you still want to include your closest family and friends, then a great way to celebrate together is renting an Airbnb for your post elopement reception. Do you have a family home nearby? Consider having your celebration there!

Hosting your elopement celebration at an Airbnb is also an awesome idea if you want to keep the experience intimate and meaningful. Consider talking to your parents, friends, or other loved ones about cooking together or ordering your favorite takeout.

If you’re looking for an Airbnb, then we suggest checking out our favorite Airbnbs perfect for small wedding receptions.

Have a BBQ Together

We love post elopement receptions because they can be as dressy or as casual as you want. If you want to plan an intimate dinner at a restaurant, go for it. If, however, you want everyone to keep it casual and just enjoy a laidback BBQ together, then that’s ok too!

A BBQ can also be a great option if you plan on inviting a bigger number of people. Since this isn’t a “wedding”, you won’t feel the pressure of pleasing your guests with a fancy 5-star dinner or worrying about decorations.

Play Some Fun Games

Maybe you both are a little silly and want to incorporate something to get everyone on their feet. If you’re looking for a day full of laughs, then consider planning a game night.

You can even incorporate wedding theme games! Some cool game ideas can be who knows the bride and groom the best, or playing beer pong with the bride and groom on your team.

Hire a Food Truck

Do you really love food? Then you should totally incorporate your love for food during your post elopement reception.

By hiring a local food truck, you can keep the event casual, fun, and as unique as the whole elopement experience. Hiring a food truck is also a great way to ensure you and your guests get fresh, hot food without the worry of preparing anything.

Honor Them With a Special Speech

Deciding to elope can make some loved ones feel left out. While your wedding day is your day, and you should never feel bad about doing what you love, honoring your guests with a meaningful speech is a great way to make them feel included.

By hosting a casual and intimate elopement reception, you can also take that time to thank them for coming.

Hire a Local Band… or Hook up Your Favorite Playlist

If you both love to dance, then make that the main event of your party! Hire a local band, singer, or hook up your favorite playlist.

This is such a fun idea to celebrate your marriage together with everyone, without the stress of planning an actual wedding. Dance the night away, and enjoy celebrating with your family and friends.

Wear Your Wedding Attire Again

Some couples reach out to us because they aren’t sure what they could wear for their post elopement party. Honestly, you can rock your wedding attire again. This is also a great opportunity for your family and friends to admire your gorgeous wedding dress you love so much.

By wearing your wedding attire again, you are also making the most out of your purchase, without worrying about what you two would wear during your celebration.

If you want your family and friends to dress casually, but you both are considering wearing your wedding attire, then consider keeping it a secret!

By letting everyone know your get together will be a casual event, you can really surprise them with the wedding look you wore on your actual wedding day.

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