How to save money on wedding stationary!

Wedding Planning Tips


I know what you’re thinking: how expensive can paper really be?

Well…let’s say each person attending your wedding will receive one of each of the following:

  • save the date
  • invitation
  • RSVP card
  • return envelope
  • menu
  • place card
  • program
  • thank you card

That’s eight pieces of stationery per person, lets say multiplied by 100 guests, that’s 800 pieces of paper you will be paying for.

Instead, you could create a website for your wedding where guests will RSVP. This will save a lot of money on stationery and postage in the long run. A website can also be used for registry information, engagement photos, or any extra information about your wedding that wasn’t included on the invitations.

You can also do RSVP postcards eliminate the need for return envelopes and they use cheaper postage.

Other cost saving suggestions:

Skip the Upgrades – You don’t need the envelope liner and fancy ink or even the intricate details.

Order Extras – Spend a bit up front to save money on the last minute ones that would cost more to order later.

Skip the Map – Enclosing a map and even other directions can cost you money. Put all your maps and directions a website and include the URL on the invitation.

One Instead of Two – Don’t print your reception info on a separate card, print it all on one to save money. Try printing your guests names on each individual menu to eliminate the need for place cards.  Limiting the number of items you are printing can drastically cut down your final cost.

Proof Read x5 – Proof read your invitations, have your maid of honor proof read and a few family members and friends. If there is a mistake, you either have to live with it or have it all printed again which will double your invitation costs.

Avoid Odd Sizes – Avoid odd size envelopes, like squares, they cost more to mail!


Lastly, eliminate day of stationery all together  – go the route of signage for your guests! It adds to the decor and can be absolutely stunning!

photographs by Elena Wolfe Photography + Jaylim Studios; signage by Adirondack Ink