Jennifer + Andy are married! Private Property | Norwich, New York

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As winter’s chill envelops us, memories of warm, sunlit days feel like distant dreams. Yet, amidst the dreary winter landscape, we find solace in revisiting the vibrant hues and joyous moments of past seasons. One such memory that brings warmth to our hearts is Jennifer and Andy’s breathtaking fall wedding at Chenango Lake.

Against the backdrop of nature’s resplendent canvas, Jennifer and Andy’s love story unfolded in a kaleidoscope of colors, capturing the essence of the season in all its glory. From the rich hues of autumn foliage to the radiant smiles of loved ones, every detail of their wedding day was a testament to the beauty of love and the splendor of nature’s palette.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Korver Photography for skillfully capturing the essence of Jennifer and Andy’s special day. Through their lens, the vibrant colors and tender moments of the celebration come to life, serving as a timeless reminder of the joy and beauty that surrounded Jennifer and Andy as they embarked on their journey together.

As we immerse ourselves in the warmth and vibrancy of these cherished memories, we are reminded that even in the coldest of seasons, love has the power to ignite our hearts and fill our lives with warmth and light. Here’s to Jennifer and Andy, and to all the couples who continue to inspire us with their love and resilience, even amidst the chill of winter.

Photographs: Korver Photography

Florals: C & A Event Planning

Venue: Lodge at Chenango Lake