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In the tranquil embrace of Erin, NY, amidst the rustic charm of Matt’s parents’ property, Jessica and Matt embarked on a journey to celebrate their love in a way that was uniquely their own. Eschewing tradition in favor of a more laid-back, non-traditional affair, they entrusted us with bringing their vision to life—a vision that spoke to the heart of their love story and the cherished moments they shared.

As we delved into the intricacies of their wedding planning, it became clear that Jessica and Matt’s celebration would be unlike any other. Theirs was a love that thrived in simplicity, rooted in the quiet beauty of nature and the warmth of family ties. They dreamed of a rustic, country-inspired affair—a celebration that would capture the essence of their love and the spirit of the land that surrounded them.

One of the most memorable aspects of Jessica and Matt’s wedding was Jessica’s bouquet—an exquisite masterpiece unlike any other we had ever created. What made it truly special was the fact that the dahlias and lilies adorning it were lovingly grown by Jessica’s father-in-law on the very property where they exchanged vows. It was a beautiful testament to the bond shared between family members and the depth of love that permeated every aspect of their day.

As the day unfolded, there was a palpable sense of magic in the air—a feeling that Jessica’s father was looking down on her, blessing their union from above. Despite the looming threat of inclement weather, the skies cleared just in time for the ceremony, allowing Jessica’s vision to come to life in all its glory. It was a moment of divine intervention, a testament to the power of love to overcome any obstacle and manifest our deepest desires.

Looking back on Jessica and Matt’s wedding day, it’s impossible not to be moved by the sheer beauty and sincerity of their celebration. Theirs was a wedding fueled by love, kindness, and genuine warmth—a reflection of the remarkable couple they are and the extraordinary love they share.

As we bid farewell to summer and reflect on the memories we’ve made, Jessica and Matt’s wedding will always hold a special place in our hearts. It was a day filled with love, laughter, and cherished moments—a day that reminded us of the transformative power of love to unite us all.

Here’s to Jessica and Matt, and to the countless couples who dare to dream and make their wedding day uniquely their own. May your love continue to blossom and flourish, nourished by the beauty of each passing day and the strength of your unwavering bond.

Check out their gorgeous day and the raving review from Jessica –

Review from Jessica –

“We used C & A Event Planning for site design, day of coordination and floral design. I can’t say enough good things about Ashley and Cathy! Without them, I don’t think we would have been able to pull off our outdoor wedding! We were not your typical couple or venue. Our wedding location was on my in-law’s property, and we were planning an outdoor ceremony under the pine trees with reception under a tent. We also had a 5.5-month-old, so I knew that I couldn’t do all the planning by myself with a baby! Ashley & Cathy met with us onsite early on in the planning and helped flesh out site layout and design. Over the course of many months of planning, Ashley kept me organized, on track and provided guidance while choosing my vendors, etc.

For florals, my father in law grows dahlias that we wanted to use as part of our arrangements. Ashley & Cathy worked with me to come up with arrangements that utilized the dahlias and also pulled together the rustic country theme I was looking for. They came to our site the day before to cut the fresh flowers and arranged everything on site in order to ensure that the arrangements were fresh for our big day. My father in law also had a spectacular lily that just bloomed the day before our wedding, so he offered it to them to include in my bouquet. They pulled off one of the most stunning floral arrangements I could imagine (our photographer even commented on how beautiful it was!). Cathy went above and beyond when decorating under the tent as well – she used every last bit of greenery she had and decorated our pallet bar and other finishing touches that weren’t even included in our floral contract.

As for the day of coordination… again, I don’t think I could have ever pulled off my vision without Ashley and Cathy. When we woke up on the day of our wedding it was gray and pouring rain. Ashley and Cathy remained calm and got to work in decorating the tent and ceremony site. They were ready to use plan B (everything under the tent) if the weather didn’t cooperate. However, the weather miraculously shifted and the day ended up being beautiful and sunny just in time for the 4 pm outdoor ceremony under the pines. Ashley and Cathy worked all day in the messy weather preparing the site and then continued to help ensure the ceremony and reception ran smoothly. We had so many compliments from guests on how beautiful everything looked and how smoothly everything went. I can’t thank Ashley and Cathy enough for helping to bring the vision I had for my wedding day to life. It was a magical day!”

Wedding Professionals:

Photography: Gorges Studio

Venue: Private Estate

Planning & Florals: C & A Event Planning LLC