Jill + PJ are married! Gilbertsville Farmhouse | South New Berlin, New York

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In 2020, weddings underwent significant transformations, with many couples opting for hometown celebrations and intimate gatherings. Pandemic-related restrictions imposed by various states and localities presented challenges, making traditional weddings difficult, if not unfeasible, due to constraints on gathering sizes, social distancing mandates, and mask requirements for indoor events. Despite these hurdles, Jill and PJ forged ahead, determined to celebrate their love amidst the uncertainties of the time.

Their wedding day became a testament to both their enduring love and their commitment to safety. Amidst the backdrop of precautions and adjustments, their celebration radiated warmth, joy, and an unwavering sense of togetherness. It was a day marked not only by love but also by resilience—a reminder that even in challenging times, love prevails.

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Photography: Stories by Victoria
Venue: Gilbertsville Farmhouse
Florals: C & A Event Planning