Katie & Tim are married! [Farmer’s Museum – Cooperstown, NY]

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In late September, we had the honor of joining Katie and Tim as they celebrated their love at the picturesque Farmer’s Museum. Despite a minor hiccup the night before, when my little man had to visit the ER due to an allergic reaction, everything fell into place beautifully on their wedding day.

Cathy, my partner in planning, had to rush off to rehearsal, leaving me to tend to my son’s needs. Thankfully, the allergic reaction was mild, and we were able to return home to rest. The next day, I was able to join Cathy at the venue, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to witness Katie and Tim’s joyous celebration firsthand.

From the moment I arrived, it was clear that love was in the air. Katie’s infectious laughter and radiant smile lit up the room, and Tim’s adoration for her was evident in every glance. The Farmer’s Museum provided a stunning backdrop for their special day, with its rustic charm and idyllic surroundings adding to the magic of the occasion.

As the day unfolded, I couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of connection with Katie and Tim. Our journey together had been filled with laughter, tears, and countless unforgettable moments. From our initial consultations to the final dance of the evening, we had formed a bond that transcended the typical client-vendor relationship.

At C & A Event Planning, our goal is to do more than just provide guidance – we strive to forge meaningful connections with our couples and become an integral part of their wedding journey. With Katie and Tim, we achieved that and so much more. Their wedding day was a true testament to the power of love, and I feel honored to have played a role in bringing their vision to life.

As I reflect on Katie and Tim’s wedding, I’m reminded once again of why I love what I do. It’s moments like these – filled with laughter, love, and cherished memories – that make all the hard work worthwhile. Here’s to many more joyous celebrations and unforgettable moments in the future!

Enjoy scrolling through their day!

Wedding Professionals:
Venue – The Farmers’ Museum
Planning, coordinating, and florals – C & A Event Planning LLC
DJ – Engaged Entertainment
Catering – Sunrise Specialty Catering
Photography – Jen Pecka Photography
Bar Service – L. M. Townsend Catering
Cake – Marjorie Landers Wedding & Specialty Cakes
Rentals – Morris Tent Rentals and Event Planning Inc.
Trolley – Birnie Bus Service, Inc.

Words from Katie & Tim – “It was an incredible day thank you to you and your mom!!! You guys really made a once a little girls dream come true. The florals were absolutely gorgeous! The table decorations were amazing! Thank you for listening to me and making our dream come true! You were a pleasure to work with!!! Thank you again. Tim and I will never ever forget this day! Also, we will never forget you! Thank you for being part of our special day!”