Pros and Cons of Eloping

Wedding Planning Tips


Whether you are planning a large lavish wedding or sneaking away to elope there are always lots of factors to consider. In previous blog posts we’ve shared what an elopement is, helpful elopement planning checklist and now we are sharing pros and cons – we are not partial to either direction and can assist with all variations of weddings – ultimately your wedding day should be a direct reflection of who you all are as a couple and what is important to you!

Pro –

  • You get to spend quality time with your partner
  • You can be more intentional with your budget
  • You can potentially save money
  • You have the flexibility of truly customizing your day, and the planning process can be fun
  • You, not everyone else in your life, have the ultimate say in what your elopement day looks like
  • You can skip family politics

Con –

  • You aren’t inviting all of your family and friends
  • Your parents may not love it
  • If your family is helping pay for your wedding, they might feel like they should have a say in what your day looks like
  • You’re dealing with a blank slate
  • It can be difficult to incorporate cultural traditions into the day (Have you ever tried to do the Hora with only three guests at a wedding? Well, it’s not fun (or possible, really).
photograph The Oshiros; location Pretty Place; florals C & A Event Planning