Three tips for working with a wedding planner for your wedding day!

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As the date of your wedding day grows near, you’re bound to be filled with excitement and a little
nervous anticipation. If you’re working with a wedding planner to help fine tune the details of this
momentous occasion, they should be helping you stay stress free and level headed as the
countdown commences.

But sometimes it can be challenging to initially trust your planner, and allow them to take the
proverbial reins when it comes to executing your decisions for your big day. From having faith in
their recommended vendors to counting on them to ultimately pull everything together, there’s a
great deal riding on their shoulders.

To help you smoothly navigate the planning process and build a trusting relationship with your
planner, here are a few top tips for working with your chosen professional  to create your dream
wedding day.

Rely on their experience
A good wedding planner will have years of experience and a number of weddings with a similar
theme or aesthetic to your own under their belt. While it’s important to demonstrate your own ideas
and aspirations, be sure to also listen and trust in their advice. Experience is one of the most
valuable aspects a wedding planner can bring to your day, so trust them if they suggest alternative
ways of achieving your dreams.

Practicality, budget and realistic expectations all play an important role when making event
arrangements, and your planner will know how to balance these elements to give you the best
possible outcome. Learning to trust in their experience and professional opinion will help you skip a
number of hurdles and potential issues with your wedding planning. Of course, they will do their
best to make your vision come to life regardless, but being open to suggestions and welcoming
their input is sure to help you achieve it advantageously.

Connect with vendors
There’re a great many vendors who offer their services for prospective brides and grooms, and it
can be difficult to know which to trust for your wedding. Your planner may recommend certain
businesses, but don’t be so skeptical as to brush them aside and assume they’re only doing so for the commission. Weddings are busy, challenging events to pull off smoothly, so a planner will only
recommend a vendor to you who has earned their trust and loyalty by being reliable, friendly,
professional and valuable to themselves and their couples.

If you have a vendor in mind whom your planner hasn’t yet worked with, make use of their
extensive knowledge and network to do some research on them before you book them. With
contacts in every corner of wedding implementation, they’ll soon be able to tell you if they are
worth hiring.

Be open and honest
No matter whether you’re at the start of your wedding planning journey or the date is looming on
the horizon, always be open and honest with your planner. If you have changed your mind on the
color of the chair sashes or any other detail, let them know as soon as possible. Maintaining good
communication with your planner allows them to work to your vision and create the perfect day for
you, which is what everyone involved wants to accomplish.

Ask for their advice and be honest if you need something tweaked, as these are often easy fixes
before the day. If you don’t speak up, you risk allowing something minor to fester into an issue that
overshadows your special day.

Ultimately, it’s the foundation of a good professional relationship that allows wedding planners to
create incredible weddings for their clients. Finding a planner that you can trust will save you time,
money and stress both in the run up to your wedding and on the day.

photo credit: Megan Bryne Photography