Tips for Using Color on Wedding Day

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Color can have a huge effect on your wedding day, but many people think the only way to incorporate their wedding colors into their wedding is through flowers and table decorations. While wedding florals are a huge way to incorporate color into your day, it’s not the only way.

You can incorporate color with your bridal party, invitations, decor, accessories, or even makeup.

Your wedding colors can also help set the mood for your wedding day. If you’re going for a dramatic look, then consider a dark or jewel tone palette. Consider the style and atmosphere you want to have, and what colors put you in that mindset. Let the season inspire your color scheme as well.

photo by Danielle Dziedzic Photography

Using color thoughtfully can enhance the overall aesthetic and mood of your wedding day. Here are some tips for incorporating color into various aspects of your wedding:

1. Choose a Color Palette: Start by selecting a color palette that reflects your style and the overall vibe you want for your wedding. Consider the season, your venue, and personal preferences.

2. Consider the Venue: Take into account the colors of your wedding venue. Choose colors that complement the existing decor and ambiance.

3. Balance Bold and Neutral Tones: If you’re incorporating bold and vibrant colors, balance them with neutral tones to avoid overwhelming the visual aesthetic. For example, pair bright florals with soft linens.

4. Use Accent Colors: Choose one or two main colors and incorporate accent colors to add depth and interest. This can be achieved through floral arrangements, table settings, and other decor elements.

5. Seasonal Inspiration: Draw inspiration from the season in which you’re getting married. For example, pastels for spring, vibrant colors for summer, warm hues for fall, and cool tones for winter.

6. Consider Your Dress and Attire: Think about how your chosen color palette complements your wedding attire. Your dress, bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen attire, and accessories should harmonize with the overall color scheme.

7. Use Color in Stationery: Infuse color into your wedding invitations, programs, and other stationery. This sets the tone for your wedding and gives guests a glimpse of the color scheme.

8. Floral Arrangements: Flowers offer a beautiful way to incorporate color. Work with your florist to choose blooms that match your color palette. Consider mixing various flower types for added texture.

9. Table Settings and Linens: Use colored linens, napkins, and table settings to bring your color palette to the dining area. Consider subtle patterns or textures for added visual interest.

10. Create a cohesive look: Ensure that all color choices work together cohesively. Consistency in your color palette creates a polished and well-planned aesthetic.

11. Lastly, consult with a professional: Work closely with your wedding planner, florist, and other professionals to ensure your color choices are executed seamlessly across all elements of your wedding.

Remember, your wedding day is a reflection of your unique style and love story. Use color to tell that story and create a visually stunning and meaningful celebration.