Venue Edition: 8 Questions

Wedding Planning Tips


8 Questions to ask your Wedding Venue ->

What is the capacity for the space?

  • Find out if table set up affects capacity
  • Ask about your layout options

What are your deposit and cancellations policies?

  • Ask when deposit and full balance are due
  • Find out how late you can cancel and still get a refund

Will I have access to spaces besides the event room?

  • Ask about bridal suites and places to take photos
  • Determine if there are enough parking spaces and restrooms on-site

What on-site coordination services do you offer?

  • Find out who will be in charge of the event on the day
  • Ask if there will be a host or hostess on-hand for guest needs

Does your staff have health and safety training?

  • Verify if staff is trained in CPR and First Aid
  • Ask about T.A.M. training (Techniques of Alcohol Management)

Is your catering menu flexible? (if they include catering)

  • Browse the selections for variety
  • Find out if you can design your own menu

What is your bar policy? (again, if they include bar services)

  • Ask if you can have an open bar
  • Look for variety, including frozen and non-alcoholic drinks

What special amenities do you offer?

  • Ask about secondary food servces – late night snacks
  • Is anything else included in your rental – lounge furniture, lawn games, etc

photograph by Layce Bauman Photography