Venue Edition: 8 Essential Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue

Wedding Planning Tips


  1. Capacity and Layout:
    • What is the maximum capacity for the event space?
    • Does the seating arrangement affect the capacity?
    • Are there different layout options available for seating arrangements?
  2. Deposit and Cancellation Policies:
    • When is the deposit due, and how much is it?
    • What is the deadline for paying the full balance?
    • What is the cancellation policy, and until when can we cancel to receive a refund?
  3. Access to Additional Spaces:
    • Will we have access to areas besides the main event room?
    • Are there bridal suites available for preparation?
    • Are there picturesque locations on-site for wedding photos?
    • How many parking spaces and restrooms are available for guests?
  4. On-Site Coordination Services:
    • Who will be overseeing the event on the day?
    • Will there be a dedicated host or hostess available for guest assistance?
  5. Staff Training:
    • Are the venue staff trained in health and safety procedures, including CPR and First Aid?
    • Have they undergone T.A.M. training for alcohol management?
  6. Catering Flexibility (if included):
    • Is the catering menu flexible to accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences?
    • Can we customize or design our own menu selections?
  7. Bar Policy (if included):
    • What are the bar options available?
    • Can we have an open bar, and what types of beverages are offered?
    • Are there non-alcoholic and specialty drink options available?
  8. Special Amenities:
    • Are there additional food services available, such as late-night snacks?
    • What other amenities are included in the rental package, such as lounge furniture or lawn games?

By asking these crucial questions, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of what the venue offers and ensure that it aligns with your wedding vision and requirements.

photograph by Layce Bauman Photography