Wedding Faux Pas

Wedding Planning Tips


Today I want to touch on some of the common mistakes couples make when planning their wedding – wedding faux pas if you will. Couples commonly make the mistake of not compiling their guest list first. This is the key to the rest of the planning from budgeting to venue selections to accommodations.

Sending Last-Minute Invitations – – The last thing you want is for any guests to feel like an afterthought with a surprise invitation 2 weeks before the wedding. Instead, be discreet by sending your A-list round of invitations a little earlier at the 10-week mark, and based on their responses, send your B-list invitations at 6-8 weeks before the day. Of course, this all depends on how quickly your A-list guests confirm their attendance.

Focusing too much on trends – – Sure, Pinterest is an amazing source of wedding inspiration, but it should never dictate your entire day! Try not to get swept up in the latest trends when designing your event, and instead look towards your own personal style and preferences. This will ensure your wedding day remains timeless and true to who you are.

The “singles table” – – is not only an awkward wedding cliche, it can also make your solo guests feel incredibly uncomfortable and even ostracized. Instead of lumping your single guests together at the back of the room, try to integrate them throughout your seating plan with other guests you think they’ll find common ground with.

photograph by Embraceable Joy Photography