The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Welcome Bags: What to Include and Why

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Planning a wedding involves more than just coordinating the big day itself; it’s about creating a memorable experience for your guests from start to finish. One way to make your guests feel appreciated and welcomed is by providing them with thoughtful welcome bags upon their arrival. These little bundles of joy not only set the tone for your wedding weekend but also serve as a practical and delightful gesture of hospitality. In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about crafting the perfect wedding welcome bags, from what to include to why it matters.

Start with a Bag, Box, or Tote: The first step in creating wedding welcome bags is choosing the perfect vessel to hold all your goodies. Whether it’s a chic tote bag, a rustic wooden box, or a charming woven basket, the container sets the stage for what’s inside. Consider incorporating your wedding theme or colors into the design for a cohesive look that reflects your style and personality.

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  1. Weekend Schedule + Maps: Keep your guests informed and organized by including a detailed schedule of events for the wedding weekend. Include important times and locations, as well as any transportation details or maps to help them navigate the area.
  2. Drinks: Quench your guests’ thirst with a selection of refreshing beverages. Bottled water, mini bottles of champagne or wine, and locally brewed beers are all excellent choices to include in your welcome bags.
  3. Snacks: Keep hunger at bay with an assortment of tasty snacks. Opt for a mix of sweet and savory options like gourmet popcorn, trail mix, pretzels, and chocolate-covered nuts.
  4. Local Items: Showcase the unique flavors and culture of your wedding location by including locally sourced treats or souvenirs. Think artisanal chocolates, small-batch jams, or handcrafted candles that celebrate the spirit of the area.
  5. Postcards: Encourage your guests to send a little love back home by including postcards featuring scenic views or landmarks from the wedding location. Add a personal touch by pre-stamping the postcards and including a heartfelt note.
  6. Info on Local Events: Help your guests make the most of their time in the area by providing information about local attractions, activities, and events happening during their stay. From guided tours to outdoor adventures, give them plenty of options to explore and enjoy.
  7. A Few of Your Favorite Things: Share some of your favorite things with your guests as a way to express your gratitude and make them feel connected to you. Whether it’s a playlist of your favorite songs, a list of recommended restaurants, or a mini photo album of special memories, these personal touches add a meaningful touch to your welcome bags.
  8. Hangover Helpers: After a night of celebrating, your guests might appreciate a little extra help in the morning. Consider including hangover essentials like aspirin, electrolyte packets, and soothing eye masks to help them recover and feel their best.
  9. Lots of Thanks: Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to express your gratitude to your guests for joining you on your special day. A heartfelt thank-you note or a small token of appreciation goes a long way in showing your appreciation and making your guests feel valued and cherished.
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Wedding welcome bags are more than just a gesture of hospitality; they’re an opportunity to make your guests feel loved, appreciated, and excited for the festivities ahead. By thoughtfully curating the contents of your welcome bags and adding personal touches that reflect your style and personality, you can create a memorable experience that sets the tone for your wedding weekend. So, are you ready to wow your guests with the ultimate welcome bags? Let your creativity soar, and don’t forget to have fun along the way!

Are you doing a welcome bag of sorts for your guests? What are you including?