5 ways to include LOVE ONES on your wedding day!

Wedding Planning Tips


  1. Invite virtually
    • Live stream your ceremony
  2. Switch up your timeline
    • If your venue has room in the parking lots, here’s a few ideas to keep up social distancing and see the people you love. Move your cake cutting/first dance out into the lot! Ask guests that are immunocompromised, or otherwise unable to attend to grab a spot in the lot to see a part of your wedding day.
    • You can also assign a time for your send-off for all those waiting outside. You and your sweetheart can drive away together, you can be greeted by drive-by signs/horns and waving from everyone who would’ve wanted to cheer you on if they could have.
  3. Include a family recipe
    • Does your grandma make the most delicious Apple Pie?
    • Aunt Jo make killer chocolate chip cookies?
      • This would make you feel that much closer to your family if you had them next to your wedding cake.
  4. Ask for love notes from loved ones ahead of time
    • A great replacement for a traditional guest book.
  5. Pour a glass with friends and family
    • Pick a time for virtual speeches
    • Allow for in person speeches as well and make sure they are included on zoom
    • Everyone can pour a glass from home and cheer with you!

All of these tips are a great way to allow friends to celebrate you in person while keeping that social distance. Also, this way, they can be there while you two share those sweet moments.

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