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Tips for Booking an Airbnb Wedding Venue

Airbnb weddings are becoming more and more common. A few helpful tips if you opt for this type of wedding:

1. Find an Airbnb that ALLOWS a wedding

Always, always, always contact the host and inform them of your intentions for using their property before you book. There may be additional fees if you will be bringing in rentals or hosting any event larger than the maximum number of occupants.

2. Expand your search to include nearby properties

3. Make it unique with a floral installation or statement ceremony arch

Ask if they have a photography policy, and make sure they’re alright with any alterations you intend to make to space (i.e. moving furniture to make space for your living room ceremony, etc).

4. Make use of the entire property for ceremony and reception

Keep in mind, many communities have sound ordinance rules that you must adhere to.

5. Ask the host for vendor recommendations

6. Don’t be afraid to go small – airbnbs are ideal for elopements or very intimate weddings.

7. ..and always enlist a professional planner to assist in navigating all of these things.

Think of an Airbnb wedding as a time to unwind, relax, and enjoy the weekend with family and friends.

**If you are eloping or hosting just the amount of people “allowed,” we still recommend informing the host of your intentions.