Amy & Tim are married! [Treman Center | Newfield, New York]

Real Wedding


Back in October of 2016 I started chatting with Tim & Amy, this is how the first few emails went – –

We are trying to figure it all out…
We want to do something different, and we have a location picked out. So we know we’d need to bring the whole party to the site…
We have no idea how much to expect to spend or if our vision is realistic…
We want a band, and for a fun, family party set-up. We aren’t very traditional, and we already have a little one, 4 month old Ray – so making it all kid friendly for Ray and all of our friends’ children is important (most each have a handful of kids already…). The theme is really less about the wedding itself. Our new addition opened our eyes even further to see just how fortunate we are. So we decided to celebrate our gratitude with a wedding, and want to have everyone who has been a special part of our lives in one place at the same time, enjoying our direct and extended family/friends.
So we are thinking games, fun, live music, food trucks, drinks, and fun (did I say that already?).
Do you think this is something in line with what you could pull off? And do you have any idea what we should expect to budget for this? Give it to us straight, please!
The venue circumstances changed so we were on a mission to find the perfect venue for what they were looking for! By late November they had their eyes on the Treman Center but it was a matter of figuring out the right date (of what was still available…). By January planning was in full swing and over the course of the remaining time before September we worked through details, vendor selection, and decor remotely – it was such a pleasure working with Tim and Amy.

Wedding Professionals –

Photography: Jessica Manns Photography

Catering: Ithaca Bakery

Bar Service: Nina’s Pizzeria and Restaurant

Rentals: Pretty Little Vintage Co. & Rick’s Rental World

Florals, Planning & Coordination: C & A Event Planning LLC

Venue: The Treman Center