Catering Series: Is It Appropriate to Serve a Strictly Vegan Wedding Menu?

Wedding Planning Tips


Are you stressed when it comes to planning your wedding menu? Do you and your fiance have any dietary restrictions or desires? Let me put it straight, attempting to satisfy every guest at your wedding is crazy in the making! One of the most difficult menus to sell your carnivorous friends on? Vegan or vegetarian menus. More and more brides and grooms are adopting the no meat-no dairy diet, and reception menus are reflecting this trend.

While your wedding day should honor your choice as a couple to embrace a vegan lifestyle, it should also celebrate your love for the friends and family who are dearest to you. So before you serve a strictly vegan menu, make sure to take your guest list into account. Do your fiancé’s parents order rare filet mignon every time you go to dinner together? If so, you may want to consider serving at least one meat entrée to please your future in-laws.

However, if veganism is a priority for your wedding and the majority of your guests are already respectful of your eating habits, a vegan menu should be a no-brainer. If you do choose an all-vegan menu, make sure to notify guests of the cuisine options beforehand and briefly explain why you hope your guests will embrace your decision. Choose experienced caterers, and don’t settle for boring plates of marinated vegetables.

photographs by: Jen Pecka Photography

planning + coordination: C & A Event Planning

venue: Gilbertsville Farmhouse

catering: Parlor City Vegan