Catering Series: A Quick Guide to Creating an Allergy-Friendly Wedding Menu

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Most people have (or know someone with) some kind of food allergy or dietary restriction. Between vegetarian and veganism, Kosher rules, gluten, dairy or peanut allergies, and everything in between, it may be near-impossible to create a wedding menu with items that every guest can eat.

But that’s why there are options! It’s easy to accommodate close friends and family’s needs with multiple hors d’oeuvres and several main course selections. Still, no two guests or dietary restrictions are alike. To help you wisely plan your wedding meal options, we compiled a short guide to allergy-friendly catering.

Gluten Free Guests Whether your guest has full-blown Celiac disease or has a serious intolerance, they’ll probably want to eat more than salad greens all night – they will definitely appreciate the effort. (Delicious dishes like steak and sautéed seasonal vegetables count!) Whatever their allergy, they’re probably used to having just one or two options on a menu, so don’t feel the need to overhaul your entire menu for them. Do, however, consider asking for their input on what dishes are most amenable to their allergy. And for dessert, give them a sweet surprise by putting a few no-wheat cupcakes on the dessert table next to the traditional wedding cake. <- we offered this at our wedding!