How to include your partner’s family in your proposal!

Wedding Planning Tips


While a proposal would typically be a private moment between you and your partner, if they’re close with their family, getting them involved when popping the question can be a lovely way to show just how much you care. It can be especially poignant if you know that your partner wants to marry with their family’s blessing, as having them there is a clear indicator of their love and support.

There are plenty of options, depending on how involved you want your future family to be. Make sure to think about what you want, as well as your partner – this is a moment that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. 

Get them to help decorate

If you’re planning a romantic, intimate proposal where you decorate a specific venue or your home, get your partner’s family to help you with the preparations. For example, if you’re going to string cute photos of the two of you around the room, they could get them printed, and create the photo chains. They could also organize some flowers, or if you’re planning a candlelit picnic, they could source some of the food for you.

This is a great way to let them help without actually needing to have them there at the crucial moment. This way you can keep your speech to yourself, and add any personal final touches to your chosen proposal plan before your potential fiancée-to-be enters the room.

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Get them to keep the surprise

If you need plenty of time to set up, or need to get your partner to a venue without raising suspicion, their family can help with keeping them occupied. Try and keep things as natural as possible, and then make your proposal destination the last spot of the day. If you wouldn’t usually spend the day alone, get one of your friends to pretend to come and pick you up for a day out of your own, and coordinate with your partner’s family so you can go back home as soon as they’ve left.

Bear in mind that their family will likely be there when you pop the question with this option, but if you’d rather they weren’t, let them know in advance so they can slip out the door whilst your partner’s attention is focused on you. If you’re happy for them to stay, think about what could happen when you propose in front of everyone, and prepare accordingly so that the moment is as magical as you hoped.

Meet them afterwards

If your partner is the type of person who will want to celebrate right away and show off their beautiful diamond engagement ring, then meeting family and friends after is the perfect way to keep the celebration going. Give them the heads up that you’re proposing, and that it would mean a lot to you if they’d keep the secret, and be waiting for the two of you afterwards.

Persuade your new fiancée to stop for a celebratory drink on the way home, and surprise them with a room full of their loved ones. This way you get a private moment to yourselves, and can share the joy with your nearest and dearest.