It’s all in the Accessories: Groom Styling Tips

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On your wedding day, you want to look dapper than Drake gearing up for a video shoot. For the most part, you must have figured out how to look sharp with a great haircut, nice looking tux or casual wear selection plus, a great choice of groomsmen who’ll help elevate the looks to stunning.

However, you’re not done yet.

A great look is made greater by accessories. And in this piece, we’ll look at accessories you can use, as a groom, to raise your wedding day look up a notch. These accessories won’t need an entire wardrobe change. Just a few extra bucks, and the confidence for that perfect camera shot.

Bowties still rock

For a while, bowties started losing their momentum and touch as far as wedding accessories were concerned. However, they’re back. Traditionally left for the black and white tuxedos, bowties nowadays can be incorporated in even casual wear.

That makes them a direct rival to the tie. So, which one should you pick?

That entirely narrows down to your taste. If you’re going for a formal wedding with formal wear, the tuxedos will only match well with bowties – not unless you’re a styling whizz who can replicate a great tux look with long ties.

On the flip side, casual wear can be flexibly interchanged with a bowtie or long tie. If you opt for a bowtie, make sure it’s colorful and well-contrasting to the rest of the attire.

Try the vest only

This is where casual wearers find their peace. If you’re not a fan of the jacket, you can dump it on the D-day for something less bulky – the vest. This trend has received a lot of airtime and accolades on social media.

“But what if I prefer formal wear?”

You can still switch up to the jacket towards the end of your photoshoot session with your bride and the boys. At this point, you’re done with the formal pictures and all you want to do is relax and breathe easily.

The biggest advantage of vests is that they allow you to experiment. Plus, you can style them up to match the attire from the other party. Thus, the groom would choose a vest that matches the bride’s attire color, while the groomsmen would opt for a vest matching the bridesmaids’ dress color.

Pocket squares add pomp

If you’re going to don a tux, don’t leave out your pocket square. A pocket square perfectly adds pomp, color, and contrast to your tuxedo look. The final look can come out better if you decide to match the pocket squares with the bridal party.

Thus, as the groom, your pocket square will match the bride’s dress. The groomsmen will thus match with the bridal party, for a harmonic look.

But this doesn’t mean you don’t have the space to experiment.

You can still express your personal style using these pocket squares. Thus, instead of going with the bridal party matching tradition, you can add bursts of color to the pocket squares.

You also have the option of folding the pocket squares individually or doing so in multiple sequences to achieve a specific design. For the latter, you’ll need 1-3 to get the job done.

Cufflinks and suspenders are funky

Cufflinks add that coveted shine to an otherwise dull formal or casual look on your D-day. And if you strap some suspenders on, you’re guaranteed to look funky all day.

Suspenders are not only limited to casual wear with no jacket. You can get experimental and use them with formal wear too. They are a great accessory that gets your groomsmen excited, especially the boys who’re not fans of looking all white collar.

Suspenders and cufflinks have one great quality – they personalize looks. Plus, they come in a flurry of shapes, colors, and patterns.

Umm, how do you personalize cufflinks for instance?

Say, for your groomsmen, you can buy them cufflinks with their initials engraved on the metal. Better yet, they can double up as great groomsmen gifts. Vendors such as groomsmen gift source provide a flurry of personalization options not just on this accessory, but a host more.

Boutonnieres make you look bold

Boutonnieres are considered a traditional yet classy accessory. Synonymous with senior prom nights, the boutonniere might be your preferred accessory over the pocket square if your love with your bride was brewed on that fateful night.

A word of caution though, if you go the boutonnieres route, ditch the pocket square.

Also, you should be careful that your boutonniere doesn’t make you look frumpy or dated. Since they command a lot of attention, you need to go minimalistic with other accessories for the perfect look.

Boutonnieres also provide great room for personalization. You can match it to your wedding theme, a special event in your life, or use it to pass a personal message to your bride.

This flurry of creativity is achievable if you opt for a non-flora piece. They tend to look modern and sleek, with several options for modifying it to your suiting.

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Go colorful with the socks

Black, gray, or beige socks are just too dull. If you’re going for a funky look on your D-day, what you need are colorful socks.

Colorful socks, paired with bright pants, add excitement to the overall look. You can opt for a simple pattern like multicolored strokes, or go for something complex like crisscrossing lines in contrasting and matching colors.

To distinguish yourself from the groomsmen, you can select a different, more dominant pattern from them. These colorful socks do a lot of justice to the final wedding shoot, especially when you’re captured seated.

Sunglasses are great for a casual wedding

Nothing spells casual as loud as sunglasses. And while they’re predominantly used to look funky in the streets, sunglasses in a wedding epitomize a casual look.

But what of a tux only affair?

They can work well too. Using sunglasses in a predominantly official wear wedding helps add excitement and relaxation to you and your groomsmen’s looks.

Just make sure the selected pair of sunglasses match the attire you’re donning, especially from the hue of the glass. For instance, a predominantly blue wedding can be well-matched with sunglasses colored with a little bit of blue hue in the glasses.

Engraving your name and that of your groomsmen in the sunglasses’ frames adds a great bit of personalization to this accessory too.

Take a risk with jewelry

Jewelry is traditionally a “bridal accessory”. However, the groom can still rock a few rocks, without ending up looking like an upcoming rapper.

This jewelry can be in the form of a simple chain or a complex but not appalling necklace. This style is common in some traditional wedding ceremonies, like in Hindu.

Optionally, you can get a wristband or necklace.

The great thing about jewelry is that it allows you to personify your look. Plus, you can use it to communicate personal messages and connect with your bride, for instance.

Depending on your pockets, you can go for a colorful beads set of precious metal for the jewelry.